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Carpet cleaning Bromley Kent

Carpet cleaning Bromley Kent


A Bit About Us...


5 Star Floor Care are a professional carpet cleaning & floor sanding company. Dedicated to providing specialised floor cleaning & restoration services for all types of domestic and commercial floors. Including, carpets, wood, tile, stone & modern vinyl floors!

Since we started trading, we've developed a reliable and high quality floor cleaning service for our customers. Mainly, by focusing on raising the standards of professionalism and customer service within the floor care industry. This has helped us to built up a fantastic reputation during our 15 years of trading.

We aim to reflect our values of honesty, professionalism & trust through our dedicated approach to every job.  Also we're fully committed to ongoing training & development & take pride in being members of relevant associations, such as:

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  • Certification from The Clean Trust
  • Bromley Trading Standards
  • FSB (Federation of Small Businesses)
  • TrustMark™
  • BWFA (Wood Flooring Association)
  • NCCA (Natural Carpet Cleaners’ Association)
  • Checkatrade™
  • Woolsafe Approved™ Service Provider
  • ICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification)
Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Bromley:

We are professional carpet cleaners in Bromley with 15 years of trading behind us. Our small team are proud & dedicated to offering our you a great value local carpet cleaning service.  Using the best steam cleaning equipment with competitive carpet cleaning prices in Bromley, try us today.

Our machines give a quality high pressure steam cleaning service for your carpets. They can clean at temperatures up to 110 degrees C & can extract upto 99.9% of dirt & bacteria out of your carpets.


Why Choose Our Carpet Cleaning Service?

We're trained to the highest possible standard with the IICRC and are advanced members of the NCCA.  Alao because our highly honed skills over 15 years of trading makes us confident that we're the number 1 carpet cleaners in Bromley.

For example, we are trained, proficient & well practiced in;
-Pet odour removal from carpets,
-Advanced stain removal
-Licenced to eradicate Textile Insect Pests, ie flea and mite removal, carpet moths & beetles ect
-Carpet sanitisation treatments
-Applying carpet protection, Scotch Guarding service
-Anti Allergen Treatments available for asthma or other allergy sufferers.

Also because we only carry & use safe, branded & non-toxic products with our professional carpet cleaning services. Providing a safe means to steam clean and remove stains, smells and bacteria from your carpet.

So you don't need to worry about whether the cleaning is safe for your children or pets when you chose our service. We do that for you!

These are just a few of the things you would expect to see from the number 1 professional carpet cleaning company in Bromley.

We clean all types of carpets:

Including low profile commercial carpet cleaning for carpet tiles or grooved carpet. We can clean out of business hours if necessary and can provide a tailored carpet cleaning maintenance schedule for your business. Helping to protect your investment & keep your carpets looking their best all year round.

Domestic & Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaning

For Domestic carpet cleaning services, we generally steam clean the carpets. Known as either carpet steam cleaning or hot water extraction. Steam cleaning carpets is effective for cl most carpets types, including. 100% wool carpets, wool mix carpets like 80/20 carpets, olefin & polypropylene carpets and most other synthetic carpets. We also offer dry carpet cleaning for natural carpet fibres such as sisal, seagrass & coir carpets.

Quick Drying Times

Drying times for our carpet cleaning is also in line with the industry standard which can be as quick as 1-4 hours. But also at worst could be up to 12-24 hours depending on carpet type, cleaning requirements and atmospheric conditions. Whatever we think it will be, we give you an honest & realistic drying time & NEVER give misleading & unrealistic information to a customer to win a job. Which unfortunately has lost us jobs in the past to companies who have blatantly lied just to secure the job.

For great carpet cleaning prices in bromley or full details of our carpet cleaning services, call us today!

Professional Floor Sanding Services

Floor Sanding Bromley:

5 Star Floor Care offer a professional floor sanding service in Bromley. Offering a genuine dust free floor sanding service using H-Class Dust Filtration Systems, safe for medical settings. Operating domestic and commercial floor sanding services in Bromley and its surrounding towns.

We Sand All Types Of Wooden Floors:

Whether you require soft or hard wood floor sanding. We have many examples of our work and happy satisfied customers to show at your request. Most commonly we sand engineered oak floors, or neglected pine floor boards. Typically these floors are hidden under a carpet for many years, and desperately need our wood floor restoration services. However, we sand types of floors. Parquet floors, like herringbone patterned oak floors, or Columbian pine parquet floors. Not to mention one of my personal favourites, 5 finger cherry wood parquet block floors.

No matter what type of wooden floor you have it is not a problem for our expert wooden floor sanding team in Bromley. Just give us a try & we'll restore your floor to a new again condition! Even with damaged and broken floor boards. As we can often replace broken or damaged boards with reclaimed wood. Which often has a high potential to match the existing floor. Also as a common part of our floor restoration in Bromley. Jobs can involve removing and patching whole sections of the floor. Or even install a new section of floor, to meet between or extend beyond an existing floor!

How We Sand Your Floor

Our dust free sanding services typically offer a very thorough 4-6 stage sanding process. This is generally enough in most cases to remove all existing scratches, staining, gauges and tracked in dirt from the floor. This leaves the floor sanded to a beautiful and smooth finish ready for finishing.

You will be offered the choice to have the gaps filled in your floor at the quotation stage. Through many years of floor sanding in Bromley, we know that many customers like the gaps in their floors to be filled. Gap filling can exclude both draughts and insects, while adding to the beauty of the floor. So we have at least 3 primary methods for this each ranging in cost, but our floor sanding experts have the solution for any budget. Namely resin gap filling, flexible gap fillers or use solid wood slivers.

We Offer either Numerous Finishes For Floor With Lacquer or Hardwax Oils.

When you use our professional floor sanders, you will be offered as a minimum. The choice between re-finishing the floor with either a matt or semi gloss clear lacquer. Within this we can use a 2 part commercial lacquer or a high quality domestic lacquer. Or for the floor to be finished with a hard wax oil.

Wood Floor Staining & Coloured Oil Finishes

Most customers will chose a lacquer but for our customers who prefer the oiled look. We can offer you a range of coloured or natural oil finishes to suit the most adventurous looking home.

For more adventurous customers who want the floor finished with a lacquer. We can also offer you a just as exciting range of coloured stains. Including a whitewashed look, where you will still the full variation of the grain in the wood.


For full information about wood floor restoration in Bromley, please visit our main services page at Floor Sanding Bromley.

Professional Floor Cleaning Services

Professional Hard Floor Cleaning Services In Bromley.

Our Professional floor cleaning company specialises in the cleaning & maintenance of all literally all types of hard floors.

Domestic & Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

We are specialist commercial floor cleaning contractors for: schools, leisure centers, churches, community hall, restaurants, offices or any other business.

Cleaning and restore rubber safety Altro flooring in nurseries, schools and all types of other commercial premises. We also offer domestic hard floor cleaning services for wood, tile, amtico & Karndean floor maintenace.

Our professional floor cleaning systems for ceramic and porcelain tiles are also very effective on modern vinyl tile. As they are often textured or pitted so lots of dirt gets trapped within the tile & only professional floor cleaning services can remove it. Another common problem and requirement of our professional  floor cleaning company in Bromley is for Amtico & Karndean floors, as cleaning the dirt trapped inside the beveled edge of the floor tiles is almost impossible without our highly specialised equipment. Users of our professional floor cleaning in Bromley know the only way to remove this type of problem on the floor is to use a professional floor cleaning service like ours.

Stone Floor Restoration Services

Stone Floor Cleaning & Polishing Services:

Our natural stone floor cleaning services are for Marble, Granite, Travertine, Slate, Limestone & Sandstone amongst others. Within this we offer deep cleaning, maintenance cleaning. We have a vigorous 9 step cleaning procedure if we polish & seal your floor after deep cleaning it.

A few factors like the type of stone and the condition of it. Whether it's scratched, stained or just dirty for example will dictate the what cleaning method will be used.  For scratched or heavily stained floors floor restoration services may be chosen. A stone floor cleaning service won't remove the scratches and possibly staining if it has penetrated the surface of the stone. So more heavy duty restoration procedures are needed.

Stone Floor Restoration:

Our stone floor restoration service is offered when extra steps are needed to achieve the desired result. Usually when a deep clean won't bring the floor back to the customers expectation level. Usually as scratces or staining need to be removed & the stone needs resurfacing.

Stone Floor Polishing Services.

Take a marble, limestone or travertine natural stone floor for example. If  all the shine has gone from the floor. Our floor cleaning services can clean & polish the floor back to your requirement. We can offer you a honed, highly polished or a crystallized finish before sealing the floor.

Typically our floor restoration services in Bromley for marble would include resurfacing the marble or limestone floor. This is accheived by grinding the floor to remove the scratces and stains. Then honing, polishing and sealing the floor to the customers desired level of shine.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

Professional Upholstery Cleaning In Bromley:

Our professional upholstery cleaning services in Bromley offer all types of upholstery cleaning. We clean leather settees, whether they are pigmented leather, aniline leather faux leather or suede. Our leather upholstery cleaning services offer you stain removal services and deep cleaning, plus more specialised leather restoration procedures.

We also perform dry clean only upholstery cleaning services for velvet, chenille or other delicate fabrics requiring highly specialised sofa cleaning requirements.

Professionally steam cleaning many types of settees. Including: draylon, cotton, leather and most other fabrics with our experience 15 years experience of upholstery cleaning in Bromley.

Professional Rug Cleaning Services

Bromley Rug Cleaners:

Domestic Rug Cleaning & Collect & Deliver Rug Cleaning Services

We offer in situ rug cleaning services in Bromley and also offer a collection & delivery rug cleaning services. Mainly operate in beckenham, Bromley, Chislehurst & surrounding areas.

The main reasons for us choosing to perform the offsite rug cleaning services where we collect & deliver are: Rug cleaning procedures like cleaning the fringe or urine contaminated rugs need specialist procedures. They often need to be submersion cleaned to completely remove the odour & this obviously can't be done at your premises. Also to clean the fringes properly need for the rug to be elevated off the floor.

Customer may request to use our off site rug cleaning company Bromley. Or we may determine the rug will not be able to be cleaned adequately at your premises. Like in the case of thick shaggy pile rugs. Definitely an off site specialist job to get a great result!

Hard Floor Cleaning Services

Tile & Grout Floor Cleaning For Porcelain & Ceramic Floor Tiles:

Anyone looking for professional floor cleaning services in Bromley need not look any further than 5 Star Floor care.

Our professional floor cleaning services excel in ceramic and porcelain tile and grout cleaning with specialist high pressure equipment, which is the equivalent to a fully contained HEATED indoor pressure washing system. With NO OVERSRAY & all the water is immediately vacuumed back into our machinery to leave your tile and grout floors beautifully clean when we're floor cleaning in Bromley.

Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning:

Our Professional floor cleaning company specialises in the cleaning & maintenance of all literally all types of hard floors. We are experienced commercial floor cleaning contractors for. Schools, nurseries, leisure centers, churches, community hall, restaurants, offices among other commercial premises.

Hard floor cleaning services for Amtico & Karndean floor maintenance are also available.

We deep clean and seal you tiles and grout to restore them back to their original condition. We provide all recommended cleaning and maintenance procedures for rubber safety flooring, Amtico, Karndean & wood floors.


Wood Floor Restoration

Wood Floor Cleaning & Maintenance & Floor Sanding

There are generally 3 stages to the floor care cycle that we concider when we are called in to perform our wood floor cleaning services.

First of all we need to assess where the floor is on it's in terms of it's condition. Whether it has been neglected or just been unearthed from underneath a carpet for decades are big factors in whether it needs a wood floor restoration.

Generally wood floor cleaning services will not remove scratches and heavily soiled in dirt that has tracked beneath the surface of the wood due to the seal not being in tact.

In these instances our floor sanding Bromley team are at hand to help. However the advice that we normally give to customers ids to use our wood floor maintenance services before your floors deteriorate into a condition that there is no other but to perform a full wood floor restoration service involving our dust free sanding services in Bromley. Please enquir if you would need any more information on our floor sanding services in Beckenham or surrounding areas.

Curtain & Mattress Cleaning Services

At 5 Star Floor Care, we are very proud to offer a wide range of highly specialised floor care services. Including; carpet cleaning, floor sanding, wood & stone floor cleaning, polishing & restoration. These cleaning, maintenance & restoration services are our specialty & apply to both domestic & commercial sectors, for carpet & hard floor cleaning.

floor cleaning bromley

These Services include:

  • Marble and Natural Stone Cleaning & Restoration
  • Wooden Floor Sanding , Finishing & Maintenance
  • Carpets Steam Cleaning
  • Oriental Rug Cleaning & Repair
  • Hard Floor Cleaning & Maintenance Services
  • Leather and Fabric Upholstery Cleaning & Repair
  • Other Soft Furnishings


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Excellent service, would definitely recommend this company to anyone.

Checkatrade review by a customer in Beckenham. Jan 2016

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Darren was very professional. He did a fantastic job cleaning our carpet.

Checkatrade review by a customer in Orpington. Jan 2016

Testimonial One

We have used Darren of Five Star Carpet Care three times now and are always happy with his work. We always recommend him when we can.

Checkatrade review by a customer in Bromley. Feb 2016

Testimonial Four

He explained clearly what needed to be done and was polite and courteous throughout. The carpet cleaning was done very well and we are very pleased with the results.

Checkatrade review by a customer in Orpington. Jan 2016

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